About Us

Mi Casa Stone Products- has been in business since 2006, and selling our faux stone products exclusively online since 2009 to pass on the savings to our customers by eliminating the costly overhead of a store front.

Len Smith, founder of Mi Casa, discovered premium Faux Stone manufactured panels when he built his garage. At the time, Len was finding it incredibly difficult to find someone to stucco his garage- no one would even return his call.

The garage needed to be finished and Len was going to have to do it himself. Since Len is not the handiest guy when it comes to carpentry he needed something easy. Something very easy.

So, after exploring several options and many discussions with his wife Sheilah, Len settled on a premium faux stone product. Once the product was delivered everyone agreed that “even Len could install this stuff”.

Len proceeded to install over 1000 square feet of the premium stone panels.

Len fell in love with the product and began discussing becoming a distributor. He also did his research on the masonry industry. He found that the average age of a mason was 62 and very few younger people were getting involved. He figured that this would only increase the price of an already expensive industry.

Since founding Mi Casa Stone, Len has steadily grown his business throughout Canada. He has developed a strong partnership with several strong suppliers and built lasting relationships with many home builders, commercial contractors and residential home owners.

Everyone agrees that these panels are affordable, durable, lightweight and incredibly easy to install- especially if Len can do it.

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