Estimating a Project

At Mi Casa Stone we’ve thought of everything to help you give your home the look of real brick, rock or stone while saving you time. This includes estimating.

We’ve built a comprehensive estimating program into our website to help you place your order. All you need to know is the length and width of the area you’re going to cover as well as any in-turn or out-turn corners. Our estimating program will help you with everything else.

We’ll even help you determine how many ledgers and sundry products you’ll need.

Proline Products

Click here to enter your measurements and estimate your project size and requirements.

While it’s a fairly simply process to estimate our product usage, we are unable to provide a general cost on square footage alone. This is because of a couple of factors.

Our products are manufactured into panels so we’ve built these dimensions into the estimating program. You may see the project as 200 square feet in total but we see at as how many panels high and how many long.

We provide pre-manufactured corners to help give your project a very professional look once complete. Without knowing how many corners your project requires (in-turn AND out-turn) you’d miss out on those elements and be forced to cut panels to fit.

We want to save you as much time as possible- mitering corners and cutting more panels than you have to isn’t time saving.

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