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      Section 8   We recommend a 5% buffer on your order in case of innacurate measurements or damage to the product during installation.
    Height in inches     Section 9  
    # of outside corners     Section 10  
    # of inside corners     Section 11   For Larger Projects, this amount can be reduced to 2 or 3%
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            Section 13   Buffer    
    Wall Sections Length Sub-Total Units Section 14   Items Minimum Buffer Units
    Section 1 Section 15   Full Panels
    Section 2 Section 16   Right panels
    Section 3 Section 17   Left Panels
    Section 4 Section 18   Trim Pieces
    Section 5 Section 19   Ledgers
    Section 6 Section 20   Grout Tubes
    Section 7 Total Length   Paint Kits
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